5 Offbeat Ways to Beat Stress in the UAE

Stress has become the norm of modern life. In order to avoid burnout, you need to effectively manage stress. While daily meditation and doing yoga helps you de-stress, spending time with loved ones and engaging in sports can help you as well. if you are looking for energetic & exciting ways to beat stress in the UAE, the activities below are great to try with friends and family.

The Smash Room, Dubai

If you have ever felt a need to hit something when you are upset, welcome to The Smash Room at Al Quoz, the first anger room in the UAE. At their core, anger rooms are based on a form of stress relief therapy. Their purpose is to provide people with a safe space to release pent-up anger, frustration, and negative energy.

At The Smash Room, you can let off steam and get a good workout by smashing stuff to your heart’s content - complete with protective gear and solid metal equipment to help you smash. The Smash Room accepts donations of old and unwanted items for destruction as well.

Website: www.thesmashroom.ae


Telephone - 04 3397810

Escape Reality, Dubai

If you need some stress relief and love games of strategy, call your friends and head to the escape rooms at Escape Reality. Escape rooms are adventure games where you and your team have just sixty minutes to escape a locked room by uncovering clues, solving puzzles, and cracking codes to achieve your objective. In short, it’s like playing a real-life video game.

Escape Reality offers 8 themed escape rooms with varying levels of difficulty. Each one has a unique backstory and challenges in store for you, from escaping evil robots in ‘Machina’ to plotting a prison break in ‘Alcatraz’. As a team-building exercise, bonding session, and a quirky way to have fun, escape rooms are a great way to beat stress.

Website: www.escapereality.com/escape-rooms-uae/dubai/


Telephone - +971 4332 7777

Email - dubai@escapereality.com

Sharjah Paintball Park, Sharjah

Paintball began thirty years ago as a game between friends and has grown to become a highly competitive team sport with special equipment, clothing and rules for players. The players eliminate opponents from the field by shooting them in the back with dye-filled capsules ("paintballs") that break on impact.

In the UAE, the Sharjah Paintball Park is a popular centre for paintball players and follows global standards for gameplay. The Park’s outdoor fields feature huts, bunkers, hills, trees, aircraft, towers and more, and can accommodate up to 200 players in one session. It also has the Middle East’s first indoor paintball facility, flood-lit fields for night play and a paintball shop which sells state-of-the-art paintball equipment for enthusiasts.

Website: www.paintballuae.com


Telephone - +971 65487777

Email - paintball@golfandshootingshj.com

BOUNCE, Abu Dhabi

Did you know that 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline can give a better cardiovascular workout than 30 minutes of running? From dodgeball to wall-running, slam-dunking to trampoline jumping, BOUNCE is a space where you can beat stress by defying gravity for a few short hours.

BOUNCE is open to all ages and has activities for both kids and adults. The activities can also be as simple or as challenging as you like, whether you’re looking to burn some calories or simply looking for a way to kick back and relax.

Website: bounce.ae


Telephone - 04 3211400/04 2766818

Email - info@bounce.ae

Aventura, Dubai

Aventura can be best described as fitness and fun meets nature. Dubai’s premier outdoor adventure park is situated within the largest natural Ghaf tree forest and has adventure circuits specially designed for different ages and groups like young children, families and young adults.

Aventura’s obstacle courses are specially designed to beat stress by testing your physical and mental capabilities to the very limit, with a 25-meter Tarzan jump, 160-meter zip lines and surfboarding through the trees. Be sure to try out their Thriller circuit with zip-lines that let you swing through the trees.

Website: www.aventuraparks.com


Telephone - +971(0)521787616

Email - info@aventuraparks.com

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