Quit Smoking Program

Smoking tobacco is a leading cause for heart diseases, chronic bronchitis and cancer. In spite of knowing that cigarettes contain more than 250 harmful chemicals like tar, arsenic, nicotine, ammonia and butane, you still puff around. This is due to the addiction of nicotine and the physiological habit you develop over time.

While some smokers successfully quit by going cold turkey, most people do better with a plan. If you are keen to quit smoking, we can help. Choice is yours, but don’t be late!

Know your Nicotine Dependency Level!

The first step to quitting is knowing your dependency level. Our simple survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete and give you the results instantly.

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LivFit Quit Smoking Program

We believe in rewarding healthy behaviors. We will reimburse you 80% of the program cost if you give up smoking at the end of the program. The program will primarily include counselling and guidance by Pulmonologist.

How do you qualify?

  • You are an active Oman Insurance Company Healthcare member
  • You have paid for the program.

How can you join Quit Smoking Program?

Appointment and Screening

  • Book your appointment with a Pulmonologist at Prime hospital by calling 04 7070 999.
  • Meet your doctor and get necessary screening done. The screening will primarily include Chest X-ray, Carbon Monoxide and consultation.

Program Steps and Completion

  • The doctor will a set a quit date which is usually three months for heavy smokers and 15-30 days for light smokers.
  • Follow instructions prescribed by your doctor and visit him at regular intervals, as advised.
  • Meet your doctor on goal completion and measure your Carbon Monoxide level.
  • Pay the bill directly to the hospital when the program ends.

What do we do?

We will reimburse you 80% of the cost once you successfully quit smoking. Just send us the bills, medical reports and doctor’s confirmation letter at

Where can I avail the service?

Location Address
Deira Prime Medical Centre
Salahuldin Road, Reef Mall, Floor # 2 Street,
Tel: + 971 4 707 0999
Sheikh Zayed Road Prime Medical Centre
Near Noor Islamic Bank Metro Station,
3rd Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai
Tel: + 971 4 707 0999