no pain
no gain

Star Program

If you are serious about losing weight, we want to help you change and we are ready to sponsor a part of your program cost.

We have teamed up with the Circuit Factory for the quality of their weight loss program, their expertise in nutrition and the dedication of their trainers. The intensive training involves exercise, nutrition and expert supervision to lose fat and increase muscle mass within one or two month period.

How do you qualify?

  • You are an active Oman Insurance Company Healthcare member
  • You have completed the LivFit online Health Assessment
  • Your BMI is above 29
  • You have spoken to our Wellness Coach and received a written approval that we are ready to sponsor your program
  • You have paid for and attended the following group classes from:
    • Circuit Factory: Challenge program

What do we do?

We will reimburse you 50% of the cost if you attend 90% of the classes, and 80% if you reach your goal.

Once you complete your program, email the program bill for reimbursement at