3 can-do Summer Goals

July 02, 2017

Every summer has a story - Make your story a good one!

Don't let the summer heat melt away your fitness goals! Stay on track with these 3 simple summer routines that will keep you going forward, even if it’s only just with little steps: 

Bring on your summer diet! 

Drinking a minimum of at least 1.5 to  2 litres of water is recommended everyday. You could also add an element of fun to your summer coolers with the occasional healthy fresh fruit and vegetable juices. 
Fresh fruit and vegetable salads also make a great summer meal so make sure you toss this into your summer diet plan. You can start with an easy goal of one salad a week and gradually work your way up to daily servings! There are plenty of cool summer salad recipes available online, so find one that suits your palette and work your way towards healthier eating habits. 

Get physical!

Don’t let the summer heat find its way to your list of excuses for an idle TV-only summer!
If you are lucky to have one, this is a great time to use the swimming pool at your residence or drive off to the nearest club for a healthy half hour’s swim. This refreshing exercise is the perfect escape from the summer heat.  
You could also step into your indoor gym for a workout or sign up for indoor group exercises like yoga and pilates. 
Alternately, do take advantage of nearby indoor sports facilities to keep active with games likes squash, badminton, table tennis, basketball or cricket. Perhaps even use the opportunity to learn a new sport! 

Exercise your mind! 

If summer signifies a more relaxed time for you, like it tends to be for many businesses in the UAE, perhaps you would like to use the opportunity to catch up with your reading list. Do you have a growing list of great book releases waiting to be devoured? Let’s say we get through the summer by reading at least the top three.
You could also take up playing cool brain boosting games to keep those brain cells powered. Our digital paradise is packed with a great number of apps that claim to improve memory and challenge your IQ. There is something to suit everybody in the wide range of brainy apps available for easy download on app stores. 
Or if you prefer something more conventional, just call in your brainy friends and pull out your traditional board games like chess and risk.

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