The Importance of Getting Enough Electrolytes

August 01, 2022

The Importance of Getting Enough Electrolytes

Do you often catch yourself feeling extremely dehydrated after spending some time outdoors? If that sounds all too familiar, some of the time, it might be indicative of the fact that you are not replenishing your body with some much-needed electrolytes. The three main minerals - Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium - regulate and control the fluid levels in your body, and play a vital role in enabling you to maintain good health.

Here’s why it’s so important to pack in those electrolytes on a regular basis:

It helps combat dehydration

Whether you are dehydrated from spending all day in the sun or because a particularly intense HIIT workout left you feeling rather drained; electrolytes are the need of the hour. It’s important that your body temperature is lowered and in balance at all times. The consequences of dehydration no matter how small, like minor fatigue, should not be neglected especially on a continual basis.

Keeps your nervous system in check

While carrying out bodily functions, our brains communicate to the cells present within our body via electrical signals through our nerve cells. These signals are created by changes in the nerve cell membrane which are caused by the movement of the electrolyte sodium. In simple terms, it helps all the parts of your body communicate with one another and work in harmony.

Supports muscle function

Trying to hit a new ‘personal best’ at the gym? Oftentimes, we might struggle with athletic performance because we haven’t provided our muscles with adequate electrolytes like sodium, which helps with muscle contraction, and magnesium for muscle relaxation.

Reduces the risk of adverse effects from an electrolyte imbalance

Some of the risks one may face would be loss of muscle control, confusion, headaches, muscle weakness, to name a few. None of these effects are ideal. However, they are often experienced when we fail to replenish our bodies with electrolytes.
So, how can we start actively supplying our bodies with electrolytes? You can begin by changing your diet. Incorporate healthy amounts of seeds, vegetables, fruits like avocado, banana, and sweet potato), pickled foods, and even dairy products. Even certain electrolyte-based drinks might be beneficial. By adopting these changes, your body will be able to operate at optimum levels under all kinds of conditions.

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