5 Superfoods For The Busy Modern Life

July 25, 2019

Foods to supercharge your day

Food items that offer extraordinary benefits are usually termed as superfoods.  These foods offer high levels of useful nutrients, are linked with the prevention of diseases, or offer several health benefits while also being extremely low on the calorific scale.
Picking up healthy foods to keep you going through your busy schedule everyday can be challenging. This is why superfoods are the perfect addition to your lifestyle. Consuming superfoods on a regular basis can prevent a large number of health problems like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and digestive issues. The below list of superfoods is easy to find, relatively inexpensive and easy to cook as well.


It is often the first name that comes to mind when you hear the word superfood. Blueberries come loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids. Consuming them on a regular basis can protect you against a range of health issues including obesity, heart disease and diabetes.


Carrying a rich variety of antioxidants, nutrients, good fat and fibre, kale is also very easy to digest. What’s more? It is super easy to use in smoothies and salads. It is great for eye and bone health.

Sweet potato

Besides being an excellent source of fibre, vitamin A and other nutrients, sweet potatoes don't require butter, cream or salt while cooking. It is a great way to keep blood sugar under control, helping to keep a lid on diabetes.


Offering the highest concentration of overall nutrients per calorie, almonds can help lower blood sugar levels, reduce your blood pressure as well as bring your cholesterol levels down.


Full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, honey is one of nature’s most powerful products. It is one of the best options to use instead of sugar because of its immunity-boosting properties.

These are just a few among the large variety of superfoods that are available now. The best thing about these foods is that they can be part of some delicious recipes. Keep innovating in the kitchen and always be on the lookout for newer ways to incorporate superfoods into your diet.

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