Out Of Time? Try HIIT

February 19, 2019

How To Fit Exercises Into Your Busy Routine

"I wish I had more time to exercise." Most of us have said this at one point or another. Working out can seem like an afterthought, while trying to achieve a work-life balance in your busy life. The problem may be that you think working out and pursuing a fit way of life requires a significant investment of time daily.
What if there were a bunch of workouts designed for those busy-bees who have very little time to workout. HIIT or High-Intensity Interval training is exactly that. A 10-minute HIIT workout is believed to have the same effect as 30-minutes of normal workout. Read on to learn more about this technique that has taken the fitness world by storm.

What is HIIT?

As the name suggests, High-Intensity Interval Training involves pushing yourself into your body’s maximum training zones for a limited amount of time. These short high intensity rounds are interspersed with breaks of low-intensity workouts that allow you to recover a little bit, before pushing hard again. It’s all about finding the limits of your body and mind and redefining them.
The best thing about HIIT is that it doesn’t consist of just one type of workout. The term HIIT defines the way you approach a workout. The principles of HIIT can be applied to any type of training. 
Here are 3 HIIT training regimens that are perfect for beginners:

1. HIIT Run

The simplest way to try out HIIT is when you are running. Hit the treadmill or head to a park or ground. Start by warming yourself up with some light jogging, high knees and stretching. Sprint at a brisk pace for 30 seconds. For the rest, jog or walk at a slow pace for 2 minutes. After the rest, raise the intensity again. Try another 30-second sprint and then jog again for 2 minutes. Keep alternating between the two until you are completely drained.

2.HIIT Home Workout

For this workout you will have to do a set of bodyweight exercises. Do each exercise for 30 seconds and allow yourself 10 seconds of rest when shifting from one exercise to another. Here are the exercises - Jumping Jacks, Squats, Jump Rope, Mountain Climbers, Push-Ups, Butt Kicks and Sit-Ups.  Make sure you are completely in control during the whole workout and never let the intensity drop.

3.HIIT Outdoor Workout

This 10-minute regimen is perfect for the outdoors. Try it out at the park, the beach or even on the sidewalk. Begin with some quick stretches to get your muscles ready before the workout. Start the workout with one minute of Mountain Climbers, then go on to one minute of Burpees before moving onto one minute of Plank. Rest for twenty seconds after completing all 3 exercises and repeat the whole sequence for 3 whole rounds.

Even though HIIT is great for achieving your fitness goals, it can also put a lot of stress on your body. And if done wrongly it can lead to injuries. It is advisable to limit your HIIT workouts to a couple times per week and alternate it with other activities like weight training, cycling, restorative yoga or even going for a walk. Also remember to eat healthy and have an overall healthy lifestyle.

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