5 Super-Easy Ways To Shed
Your Quarantine Weight Gain

November 01, 2020

Lose your quarantine weight the healthy way

If you’ve gained a few kilos during the lockdown, we can assure you that you are not alone.
COVID-19 has disrupted normal life to a large extent. The lockdowns kept us indoors for a long time and many of us have picked up habits that are not too healthy.
Most of us were already struggling to stick to a healthy diet on normal days, but the stress and boredom of staying indoors further gave us reasons for overeating. Although we stayed away from fast-food outlets during this time, a lot of us began to lean on frozen or processed foods, which is a whole different kind of unhealthy.
The lack of physical activity was another problem.
Staying indoors meant a decrease in our regular small daily movements. You no longer walked to your car to get to work or get your lunch. No walking across the office to your workmates. All these activities counted as small movements that burned calories.
This phenomenon is so common that the lockdown weight gain has a name now - Quarantine 15. The number refers to the amount of weight (in pounds) commonly gained during the period.
But all hope is not lost. There are easy ways to get back to health. Stitch the below practices into your daily routine and stick to them until they become a habit. Positive results are sure to follow.

Water, water everywhere. But are you drinking enough?

Drink water. And lots of it.
By staying hydrated as much as you can, you will naturally feel full. This can significantly help you cut down on your food intake.
Make sure that you also don’t rely on other beverages like sweet tea or soft drinks. They are usually loaded with sugar and contain no essential nutrients to help your cause.

‘Workout’ a way to burn calories

If physical exercise wasn’t part of your routine before, it should be now - for at least 15 minutes every day.
You need not always hit the gym to burn calories. Engage in a physical activity you love doing or one you can easily incorporate into your schedule. Do your workmates play some indoor squash after work? Make time to join them every once in a while. Want to try something new and interesting? Take up skipping or shadow-boxing. Even simpler - take the stairs instead of the elevator to reach your home or office.
On the whole, there are plenty of exercises that you can take up while at home with little or no equipment. Whichever one you choose, just make sure that you do it for at least 15 minutes every day.

Where there’s a plan, there’s a way

Easy-to-prep, healthy meals can be another easy way to lose weight. Plan your grocery shopping accordingly.
The next time you are in a supermarket, don’t reach out for a bag of chips. Instead, try buying fruits that you can have for breakfast. Or pick your favourite brand of oats. Also, pick up legumes and whole grains that can make your diet healthier.

Sleep your weight away

As easy as it sounds, we often struggle to get even 7 hours of sleep a day. This, in turn, can lead to unhealthy eating habits. When you don’t get enough sleep, your hunger hormones start acting weird and you constantly feel hungry and less satisfied.
So put down your phone, switch off your computer, prep your bed and go to sleep at a regular time every day. Not only will this help you avoid gaining weight, it is also really good for your health and immunity.

Modify, but don’t change, your diet

Don’t go hard on yourself. Learn to take baby steps to your fitness goals.
Sticking to a full healthy diet may sound like a difficult task. But substituting a burger or cola with a healthy snack option certainly isn’t. So, the next time you're craving something tasty, reach out for fruits or some healthy nuts instead.
Start by making a small positive change in your diet. Then focus on maintaining that change and adding on other healthy changes.
The lockdown hasn’t been easy. With the amount of stress that we are under, some weight gain is understandable. What’s important is that we don’t despair and start re-focusing on our health as soon as possible.
Like every great journey, achieving a healthier lifestyle starts with a simple step in the right direction. Make that step today.

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