10 Stretches to Do at Your Workplace

June 30, 2017

Simple exercises you can do at work

Relax your body with these simple exercises at work

Sitting still for hours at your workstation not only leads to sore muscles, stiffness & strain but also weakens the body, triggers increased stress levels and impacts immunity in the long run.

Frequent stretching prevents fatigue and discomfort, increases productivity and helps maintain positivity at work. Take a few moments to relieve tension with simple, easy-to-do stretches and exercises at work.

Side neck stretches

This exercise helps to prevent stiffness arising from long hours spent sitting in front of a computer screen.
Stand or sit up straight and face forward.
Drop the right ear towards the right shoulder.
Put the right hand on the left side of the head. Pull down gently and hold for thirty seconds. Repeat movement on the left side.

Shoulder rolls

It helps to relieve the tension from hunched shoulders caused by working on a keyboard.
Stand or sit straight with the shoulders down and relaxed.
Inhale deeply and exhale.
Keeping the head and neck still, slowly roll the shoulders forward, up and back in a circle. Repeat ten times in one direction and ten times in the opposite direction.

Overhead stretches

This simple, instinctive movement helps to stretch the elbows and release tension in the upper body.
Interlock both hands. Stretch the arms overhead with palms facing the ceiling.
Hold for five seconds. Inhale deeply, exhale and release.

Wrist stretches

This stretch is particularly useful for relieving strain in the wrists and fingers caused by repetitive mouse usage.
Extend the right arm with the palm facing forward, and fingers pointed upwards.
With the left hand, stretch the right palm and fingers as far back as they can comfortably go.
Hold the position for thirty seconds, drop and repeat on the left arm.

Arm-across-chest stretches

It helps ease upper-back pain due to poor posture, loosen up the shoulder muscles and improve flexibility.

Close the fist of the right arm and extend forward.
Move the left hand under the arm and hold the elbow.
Pull the arm across the chest to stretch the shoulder and back.
Hold the position for ten seconds, release and repeat for the left arm.

Torso twists

The twist helps to relax the lower back which is subjected to a lot of stress while sitting for long periods.
Take a deep breath.
Exhale gradually, turn to the right and grab the back of the chair with the right hand and the chair's arm with the left hand.
Use this grasp to gently twist the torso around, as far to the back as possible.
Hold the twist for ten seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Leg extensions

It is important for strengthening the core muscles that support posture and promote back health.
Grab the seat of the chair for support.
Extend legs forward until they are parallel to the floor.
Flex and point the toes six times.
Release and repeat thrice.

Leg raises

It helps promote blood circulation and strengthen the leg muscles.

Hold the arms of the chair for support. Raise the right leg until it is straight and pointing away from the body.
Count to five and lift the leg higher.
Hold for five more seconds and lower the leg. Repeat with the left leg.

Tiptoe flexes

This is an excellent exercise for relieving calf stiffness due to prolonged inactivity.
Sit straight. Separate your legs to keep your feet at a distance equivalent to your shoulder width. Your toes should point forward.
Raise heels off the ground while keeping the toes on the floor. Flex the calves and hold for five seconds. Lower and repeat.

Foot circles

This exercise is essential to warm up the muscles in the ankles and feet. 
Sit comfortably and place the right ankle on the left knee.
Slowly circle the right foot clockwise for ten seconds, then counter-clockwise for ten seconds. Repeat with the left foot.

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