Brain Training Techniques That Work

April 16, 2019

Smart Workouts For Your Brain

Are you thinking of improving your brain fitness? Then, we have just the right thing for you.
Brain training is the name given to some dedicated techniques that focus on the holistic development of the brain.
Like any other training, brain training is also about getting better through repetition of actions. It includes several methods to improve different aspects of your memory.  Read on to learn 4 simple brain training methods that can work.


A “Mnemonic” is memory technique that helps you remember facts in a unique way and store them in your brain safely. All of us are exposed to this technique almost on a daily basis. It can be through a song, rhyme, acronym, image, or a phrase that helps you remember a list of facts in a certain order. One commonly known mnemonic is VIBGYOR, which stands for the colors of the rainbow in the correct order- Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.
One of the most popular Mnemonic techniques is the Memory Palace Technique. This process involves using a familiar space or location to memorize unfamiliar things. For example, imagine your grocery list has milk, eggs and bread. First picture your living room and picture milk coming down the walls, then picture egg instead of a table and a loaf of bread instead of your sofa. These associations will help your brain to quickly make a note of these things and recover them when needed.

Learn An Instrument

Some researchers say learning to play music is like giving your brain a full workout. This has been proved in many studies using scans that map brain activity. While playing instruments you use both sides of your brain, which results in strengthening your memory. Give yourself 30 minutes a week to take a lesson and let your inner rock star come out.

Use Your Non-Dominant Hand

Using your non-dominant side can reinforce the connections in your brain, and even develop new ones. If you are a right-hander, you can start by using your left hand to brush your teeth every day.  Slowly you can try other simple tasks, like using a computer, or signing your name. As you get better at using your non-dominant hand, the link between the two hemispheres of your brain will grow stronger.

Brain Training Apps

There are a bunch of brain training apps that will help you focus on and develop your cognitive functioning. These apps serve like workouts for your brain. Please do note that overuse of smartphone apps may actually lead to brain decay. The trick is to find the right app for the skill that you are aiming to develop and use it in moderation.
Like your body, your mind also needs to be fit and healthy. Besides brain training, make sure you add lots of healthy brain food to your diet to keep your brain sharp. Fatty fish like salmon, trout and sardines are perfect for this. Eating leafy greens, blueberries, dark chocolates and nuts also aid brain development.
Think positive and keep challenging your brain to keep it active and fit.

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