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General Health Checkup

1. What does the package cover?

The General Health Checkup tests the most important parts of our body being heart, liver and kidney. It also measures key indicators like blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. The package comes with a doctor consultation to help you understand and interpret your results better. Below is the list of all the tests provided.

2. Where can I get it and at what price?

We have partnered with many hospitals to provide this package in every Emirate. Click here to find the provider closest to you.

3. How can I take charge and schedule this test?

Call the provider you selected and book your appointment directly with them.

4. Is there anything I need to do before the checkup?

Below are a few necessary instructions that you should keep in mind before taking the test.

  • Fast for 8-10 hours prior to your checkup. You can drink water.
  • If you are on medication, take it as prescribed and list them.
  • Take a note of your medical and family history including surgery if any.
  • Get a good sleep of 7 hours prior to the checkup. Lack of sleep may give rise to abnormal results.
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothing. Do not wear jewellery as it conflicts with the X-ray.
  • If you are, or suspect that you may be pregnant, inform the radiographer before the X-ray is carried out. Pregnant women are advised not to undergo any X-ray test.
  • Carry your past health checkup report, if any.
  • If you have an implanted device such as a pacemaker, carry a copy of your device card.